Since the late 1980’s EMET Consultants Pty Ltd have conducted one of the largest Energy Management training programs in Australia.

As leaders in Energy Management we have successfully developed and conducted many technology transfer and staff awareness training programs both nationally as part of major award winning corporate and government programs, or as part of our international energy and greenhouse activities.

Training Course for Electricity Supply Authority
personnel held in Townsville, Qld by
EMET's MD Steve Pupilli.
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To-date our experienced team of professional educators and course presenters have trained several hundred personnel through our 'Energy Management and Cost Control' seminars and workshops, and many hundreds more through associated training programs shown below.


EMET Technology Transfer Training Courses & Seminars
EMET Consultants Pty Ltd: Energy Management & Cost Control Workshops and Seminars
Westpac Corporation: National Training Program for 30,000 staff.
Sydney University: Master of Building Science and Architecture Courses
Sydney University: Facilities Management Post Graduate Course.
BOMA: Commercial Property Management & Accreditation Courses I & II.
Sydney TAFE College: Energy Management Course
University of Technology: Master of Engineering Science - Energy Management Course

Externally Sponsored Training Courses Designed and Presented by EMET
NSW Department of Energy
NSW Department of Public Works
Pacific Power / ETAC
QEC – Queensland Electricity Commission
ACTEW – ACT Electricity and Water
ESAA - Electricity Supply Association of Australia
AIRAH - Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating
Energy Managers Association
University of New South Wales
Royal Australian Institution of Architects
BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association

EMET International Training Programs & Presentations for Foreign Delegates
Asia/Pacific - ASEAN-Australian Energy Co-operation Program
Australia - ASEAN Building Energy Management Course – Various S-E Asian delegations
Indonesia - Building Energy Management Course
Singapore - International Energy Conference
Europe - Technology Transfer Presentation on Energy Efficient Buildings (Italy)
Sydney - Advisory Presentation for Sri Lankan Minister for Energy and delegation
Kuala Lumpur - Pilot Energy Audits and Energy Management Training Programs
Sydney - ‘Managing Energy’ Workshop for Senior Engineers from the Philippines


Our training courses and workshops are designed for both professional and non-technical personnel and attendees typically include engineers, architects, property owner and managers, energy advisory officers, product suppliers, building maintenance staff, and administrators at all levels of management.

train2s.gif (13952 bytes) Steve Pupilli, MD of EMET, conducting a
training course for Hospital CEOs and technical
staff in Coraki, NSW.

Our extensive practical experience in the energy field also provides valuable input for much of the course content and case study material which is presented. We also include helpul advice on the factors which typically inhibit energy use efficiency in the work place, including poor levels of staff awareness.

To assist in the total understanding of the energy efficiency principles and practices taught EMET also provides a full range of training materials, including comprehensive course notes, computer programs, videos, advisory booklets containing helpful case studies, practical advice, and check lists. For special client staff awareness programs we also design customised posters, stickers, and newsletters.


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