Our company is proud to be assisting our clients to contribute towards the global target of greenhouse gas reduction and to comply with all government Greenhouse Challenge requirements.

To this end, our company offers a total range of greenhouse management services, including developing registers of gas emissions and cost-effective strategies for reducing them. For example, the National Energy Management Program which EMET developed and implemented for the Westpac Bank not only achieved energy savings worth over $10 million during its initial operating period, but also reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of 53,000 tonnes and reduced water consumption of 161 mega litres.

EMET has also successfully developed and managed National Energy and Greenhouse Management Programs for Lend Lease and Jones Lang LaSalle Property Management Groups. These major programs include developing and implementing effective energy and greenhouse gas reduction strategies and a Co-operative Agreement in respect of all internally managed retail and commercial properties.

We also regularly establish greenhouse gas emission monitoring and targeting systems for industrial energy uses, and were recently appointed by the Australian Greenhouse Office (GO) to participate in a Pilot Verification Program for the AGO which was designed to evaluate the Progress Reports for industrial Co-operative Agreements. We were one of only four Energy Consultants to be invited by the AGO to conduct this trial.

Refer to Professional Business Services: Greenhouse Management, for further information.


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