EMET's energy auditing and survey programs  have resulted in the development of a performance database consisting of thousands of detailed energy profiles for commercial buildings and services which is believed to be the most comprehensive available in the world today.

[ The EMET database is continuously being expanded, and currently contains detailed energy profiles of over 6,000 buildings of various types and locations. It also includes an extensive library of component performance indices for each category of building as well as individual building systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, etc. ]

The EMET energy databases and benchmarks are endorsed by the Australian Government, the Property Council of Australia and AIRAH and used by both Private and Government enterprises as a reliable source of energy information with which to formulate effective energy policies and strategies for:

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  1. Dealing with such important global issues, such as:

    • Greenhouse Gas Emission Abatement
    • Ecologically Sustainable Development
    • Energy Demand Side Management

  2. Achieving the Key Goals of a successful Building Energy Action Plan, namely:

    • Identifying priority areas for improving energy use efficiency;
    • Providing preliminary estimates of energy savings potential;
    • Monitoring the achievements of program strategies and building energy performance;
    • Developing energy targets and budgets for new building developments.

EMET staff are also accredited to conduct building energy ratings for the following purposes:


The EMET~IBER System (International Building Energy Rating System)

EMET also enables its clients to access the above sophisticated database of energy performance indices and benchmarks via its powerful EMET~IBER System.

So whether your building is a city skyscraper or a corner store, the EMET~IBER System is capable of providing you with a suitable benchmark for its energy performance.

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