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The EMET~IBER System is a comprehensive and powerful international Building Energy Ratings System which has been accurately compiled by EMET Consultants Pty Limited from its extensive database containing detailed energy profiles of over 6,000 commercial buildings.

Each energy profile has been professionally compiled from a detailed building energy audit conducted by our senior Engineers and Energy Managers. The database was used for the EMET-IBER System and also contains a comprehensive range of commercial building types and is suitable for use in all major climatic regions throughout the world.

The EMET-IBER System is the product of 20 years of research and development and it features powerful capabilities which are easy to use and produce an accurate energy efficiency rating available for buildings.

The system is designed for:

  • Building Owners and Managers

  • Major building tenants

  • Architects and Interior Designers who want to achieve High Efficiency/Low Energy Designs

  • Government Authorities who wish to apply an appropriate target for a new building being designed

  • Property investors who wish to assess the operating efficiency and value of a building

Use this system to:

  • Calculate energy use benchmarks, costs and greenhouse gas emissions for New and/or existing Buildings.

  • Evaluate the efficiency of existing building operations and estimate the savings potential for reducing energy consumption, operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The system is based on:

  • Real Building operating data - (ie not simulated or theoretical).

  • Twenty years of monitoring, assessing and improving energy efficiency in existing buildings and new building designs by our dynamic team of Professional Engineers and Energy Managers.
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